AppViewX Smart Discovery

Are you aware of every certificate used in your enterprise?

Discover unknown certificates and keys across heterogeneous environments for an enhanced security posture


Discover certificates in various ways from variety of sources for holistic visibility

Gain complete visibility into your certificate infrastructure and minimize the risk of outages

AppViewX named in Gartner 2021 solution comparison for public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate management tools

What you get with AppViewX Smart Discovery?

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Discover unknown certificates and keys across heterogeneous environments

Discover as many certificates as possible via unauthenticated network scan as well as authenticated scan of devices.

Be proactive with certificate expiry analysis and alerts

Prevent outages with timely alerts and renewals.

Faster time-to-value with next-gen architecture

Achieve high availability, scalability and redundancy with a modular and distributed architecture.

The CISO’s Guide to Certificate Lifecycle Management



  • Perform certificate discovery via unauthenticated and authenticated scan and customize the type and intensity of scans.
  • Maintain inventory and analyze certificates for crypto security standards and expiry dates to prevent application outages.
  • Group certificates for administrative simplicity like policy enforcement and access control among others.
  • Crypto agility provided by CERT+ helps enhance PKI security without much effort.
  • Get a holistic view of the certificate with chain of trust and installation location
  • Receive periodic alerts about the certificates nearing expiration and prevent outages

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