AppViewX Certificate Lifecycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS)

Manage machine identities and mitigate risks with certificate lifecycle automation

Prevent outages with a single pane of glass management for end-to-end certificate lifecycle management (CLM) across hybrid cloud, and multicloud environments


Turn-key certificate lifecycle management solution available as a service

Discover, monitor, analyze, orchestrate and fully automate certificate lifecycle management and key management solutions to eliminate outages and data breaches

AppViewX named in Gartner 2021 solution comparison for public key infrastructure(PKI) and certificate management tools

What you get with AppViewX CLMaaS?

Schedule a free session with an expert and get guided through our easy-to-deploy and low TCO SaaS security.

Prevent certificate outages with smart discovery and holistic visibility

Discover distributed certificates, maintain inventory and proactively manage them.

End-to-end automation and self-service capabilities

Automate enrollment, renewal and orchestration of certificates with self-service workflows across network, multi-cloud, and DevOps environments.

Faster time-to-value with next-gen architecture

Achieve high availability, scalability and redundancy with a modular and distributed architecture

The CISO’s Guide to Certificate Lifecycle Management



  • Discover distributed certificates, maintain inventory and proactively manage them.
  • Optimize devices and IP networks scan to discover certificates, monitor expiry status, get notifications, and renew expiring certificates on time to proactively eliminate outages
  • Build custom, event-driven automation using pre-built tasks and workflows
  • Generate keys on the target machine or HSM to avoid key roaming. Store keys in the AES-256 encrypted database backed by a vault or FIPS 140-2 certified HSM
  • End-to-end automation and management of all SSH keys in the infrastructure
  • Audit each certificate’s procurement, usage, and access to keys, thereby ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards
  • Ready to consume, high availability and scalable PKI available on-prem, on the cloud or as-a-service
  • Manage certificates on mobile and cloud endpoints via SCEP, EST, ACME and CMP. Integration with MDM and EMM platforms enhances security
  • Maintain a secure, policy-backed certificate infrastructure, and simplify management processes for certificates used in multi-cloud environments, DevOps toolchains, and containerized environments.

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