Largest US Telecommunication Company Builds Agile ADC Infrastructure

Client Information

One of the largest cable and internet providers in the world chose AppViewX help them meet their NetOps service delivery goals. This company’s portfolio of network and IT products and services is strategically designed to ensure availability of core business applications.

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Business Challenges

With hundreds of multi-vendor devices spread across distributed data centers, this client’s network team faces numerous challenges when it comes to building an agile infrastructure that guarantees application uptime. They needed a solution that provides visibility to their application delivery infrastructure and enables self-servicing for the NetOps team.

  • With ADC changes happening all the time, the network team must schedule regular backups. However, their manual approach is extremely error-prone, leaving room for costly outages and downtime. Performing backups is as challenging as processing a critical service request
  • During any application outage, the network team must scramble to identify the affected virtual server to trace a new route for the application. Without complete network visibility, companies like these are prone to costly application downtime they can’t afford
  • Without a centralized approach, the client’s application team was finding it difficult to track device usage and plan for new demands

They ultimately turned to AppViewX for its advanced ADC management and automation capabilities.

Solutions Delivered

Automation of frequent backup and restore requests

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution enables the automation of backups. This client’s network team leveraged the platform’s scheduling capabilities and automated what were previously manual backups, saving their network teams significant time and effort.

Application-centric visibility using Control Center topology view

The Control Center topology view gives teams, visibility into the heterogeneous application infrastructure which allows them to troubleshoot application-related issues and outages faster.

Advanced reporting for capacity planning

The network team grouped all the devices into multiple data center groups and analyzed the health of the device using AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution advanced reporting capabilities. They leveraged CPU and bandwidth utilization data to enable efficient capacity planning on the ADCs.

Business Benefits

  • The comprehensive topology view offered by AppViewX resulted in faster troubleshooting times and, more critically, reduced application downtime
  • Using AppViewX, diagnosing outages was simple, and tracing outages took minutes, not hours
  • The ability to receive real-time application state and status reduced operational cost


  • ADC management
  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management