Global Financial Firm Simplifies Cisco Application Network Management Migration

Client Information

As one of the largest global financial services firms and one of the big four banks in the US, this customer provides financial and investment banking services is ranked one of the highest in the world in terms of assets.

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Business Challenges

Managing numerous devices behind the application imposes a tough target on the application owners and network architects. The company operates 600 ADCs across 29 datacenters with more than four hundred user groups. Due to the end of life of the Cisco ACE load balancer series, an immediate migration to the F5 BIG-IP series was required. It was a challenging and risky operation to migrate Cisco Application Network Management (ANM) with error-free parsing of the roles to a new platform. The company wanted a solution that could.

  • Simplify migration of thousands of roles from Cisco ANM tool
  • Manage and monitor all these devices in a single platform

Solutions Delivered

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution provided a role-based management, automation, and orchestration of multi-vendor ADC environments. The company was able to manage both the Cisco ACE devices and the F5 BIG-IP devices simultaneously on a single platform until the migration was complete.

  • The scalability feature allowed thousands of users to access their applications, performing various tasks ranging from simple enable/disables to creating new configurations and pushing them onto devices
  • By provisioning seamless migration of data from the existing management solution, the solution made life simpler for users

Business Benefits

  • The vendor-agnostic platform enabled smooth management of distributed data centers across geographies while maintaining 99.99 percent uptime. This includes one million application objects managed by 1000+ users working in 400+ teams
  • The time it took to migrate multiple user groups from Cisco ANM tool was reduced from weeks to days


  • Application Network Management
  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management