Global 2000 Bank Eliminates Certificate-related Outages

Client Information

A multinational bank with operations in 70+ countries across geographies, this customer is a seasoned player in the BFSI domain. Offering a diverse range of consumer, corporate, and institutional financial services to clients, the organization generates over $15 Billion of revenue annually.

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Business Challenges

The network security teams across the firm’s global offices faced several PKI-related issues in their day-to-day operations:

Challenge #1:

The issue of paramount importance was the outages caused by expiring certificates, which, in turn, were triggered by less-than-ideal methods of certificate monitoring and management.

Consequence: System downtime often results in unprecedented ramifications – the internal inconvenience notwithstanding, outages of customer-facing systems are responsible for loss of business, customer trust, and more often than not, legal fines.

Challenge #2:

Rogue certificates were responsible for obvious compliance and security issues, resulting in unnecessary effort expended on remediation.

Consequence: The direct outcome of these issues is twofold: the possibility of regulatory
fines aside, exposure to risk of data theft is a huge cause of concern.

Challenge #3:

The PKI team was scattered across geographies, complicating cross-functional certificate management.

Consequence: Manually managing certificate infrastructures is a tedious exercise as is, and the existence of a geographical component only served to complicated it further, increasing the probability of human error plaguing the system.

Solutions Delivered

AppViewX CERT+ automated the entire certificate management process within the customer’s network. Here are the highlights:

  • Our single-window capabilities for detection, renewal, and revocation helped centralize certificate lifecycle management, permitting seamless collaboration between teams split across geographies
  • Implementing full-cycle certificate management and automation eliminated the possibility of human error across the board.
  • AppViewX’s integration with EJBCA (a widely-used CA) was a major draw, greatly simplifying the renewal/provisioning routine.
  • Our automation workflows and policy definition capabilities ensured that the customer remained compliant
  • The solution resulted in significantly lower network outages, security risks, and other miscellaneous vulnerabilities.


  • Certificate expiry
  • Certificate Lifecycle Automation
  • certificate lifecycle management
  • Certificate Outage