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Keep patient data safe, prevent network outages and breaches, and meet compliance requirements with AppViewX CERT+.

Cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. According to the cybercrime magazine, “healthcare has lagged behind other industries, and the compelling target on its back is attributable to outdated IT systems, fewer cybersecurity protocols and IT staff, precious data, and the pressing need for medical practices and hospitals to pay ransoms quickly to regain data. The healthcare industry will respond by spending $125 billion cumulatively from 2020 to 2025 to beef up its cyber defenses.”

Stay Compliant with Evolving Data Protection Laws and Regulations

According to the 2022 Ponemon Report: The State of Certificate Lifecycle Management in Global Organizations, healthcare is most likely to invest more in managing certificates and keys than human identities, as per 69 percent of respondents. The healthcare vertical is highly effective in protecting digital assets, according to 54 percent of respondents.

Stay Compliant with Evolving Data Protection Laws and Regulations

With each passing day, more and more healthcare organizations are getting affected by ransomware, and the combined cost of these attacks has reached staggering heights. It is hard to overlook the threat to lives that cyberattacks pose when ransomware attacks bring down a hospital’s critical systems. 

There are plenty of anti-breach laws, such as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which strive to protect electronic health records (EHR) and other digital patient data. However, most organizations face challenges in implementing safe practices due to large record volumes, widespread use of telemetry, and third-party healthcare services like pathology labs, scan centers, and healthcare insurance providers requiring access to patient records. Furthermore, healthcare organizations are among the biggest consumers of IoT devices, making them vulnerable to attacks. 

The CISO’s Guide to Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Security professionals in healthcare can protect patient records against breaches and attain regulatory compliance with proper data encryption and authentication of people and machines. Keys and digital certificates make encryption and authentication possible, and if managed correctly, they can enable organizations to remain breach-proof and compliant. Here is how AppViewX CERT+ helps healthcare providers future-proof certificate and key management:

Smart Discovery and Auto-Enrollment: CERT+ integrates with the enterprise’s domain name system (DNS) and provides IP-based discovery, allowing public key infrastructure (PKI) operators to scan, discover, and manage certificates on the edge, mobile, and IoT endpoints. It supports enrollment over secure transport (EST), certificate management protocol (CMP), simple certificate enrollment protocol (SCEP), and automatic certificate management environment (ACME) protocols for auto-enrollment of certificates on IoT devices, which helps secure device-to-device communication.

Certificate and Key Lifecycle Management: CERT+ automates X.509 certificate lifecycle management end-to-end, from discovery to enrollment, renewal, and revocation, with native, out-of-the-box automation workflows. Its advanced monitoring and alerting mechanism, coupled with protocol-based automation, eliminate outages and breaches due to unplanned certification expirations.

Protection Against Data Breaches: CERT+’s next-gen automation capabilities allow certificates and keys to have shorter lifespans, bringing down the possibility of a compromise and preventing data breaches. Tight integrations with hardware security modules (HSM) and key management services (KMS) provide certificates and keys the highest possible levels of protection.

Vulnerability and Risk Management: CERT+ scans the network in real-time and alerts security personnel of potential risks and vulnerabilities. The solution’s policy-based, context-aware automation engine applies remediation workflows such as revoking a rogue certificate or destroying a compromised key and the necessary validation checks.

Improved Resiliency: AppViewX CERT+ comes packaged with a NoSQL database that can be replicated in no time in a failure or unexpected shutdown. This makes the solution resilient, which means the network remains protected with its certificates and keys intact, no matter what happens. 

Other Next-Gen Capabilities

Self-Serviceable Management – Application and network teams can self-service tasks such as new certificate requests, renewal, and provisioning on endpoints through a self-service portal, reducing the dependency on security teams.

Complete Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Compatibility – CERT+’s microservices architecture makes it easy to deploy it in any cloud environment. The solution integrates with cloud security services such as Google CA, AWS Secrets Manager, and cloud HSMs to manage certificates and key lifecycles in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

Multi-Certificate Authority or CA Support – CERT+ offers a single pane of glass to manage and automate certificates issued by multiple CAs. Companies can manage and orchestrate private and public, on-premise, and cloud CAs from a centralized console.

Zero-Trust Security – CERT+ provides policy-controlled identity management for network devices such as web servers, firewalls, switches, and routers. It also performs identity validation for both machines and users through digital certificate validation and role-based access controls. 

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  • enrollment over secure transport (EST)
  • Google CA
  • simple certificate enrollment protocol (SCEP)

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